• xServer API Version 2 – Getting trucks and trailers sorted

    In xServer API Version 1 there are several truck profiles available:

    • truckfast, truckslow:
      3 axles, length 12m, without a separate trailer (actually based on a 7,5t box truck
    • several product specific truck40t profiles:
      5 axles, length 18m, with a separate trailer (a 3axle box truck with a 2 axle trailer)

    With xServer API Version 2 we provide two 40t truck vehicle profiles:

    • truck40t:
      5 axles, length 16,5m, without a separate trailer (tractor with semi-trailer)
    • trailertruck:
      articulated train with 5 axles, total length 18,75m, tractor with a separate trailer

    The default vehicle is defined as the most common vehicle in this weight category – the semi-trailer.…

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  • PTV xServer 1.24 now available

    Our new PTV xServer 1.24 release is available NOW!

    Besides several Bugfixes, Improvements and some Features, the Highlights of the 1.24 Version are:

    PTV xRoute Server: With the new xRoute 1.24, the time zone of the start and destination point of a route is determined automatically if no time zone is set.…

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  • PTV xServer 2.1 now available

    we proudly present our PTV xServer 2.1.0 release with seven services in total. In addition to the well-known geographic services xMap, xLocate and xRoute with significant further progress, we offer the brand-new logistics services xDima, xCluster, xTour and xLoad.…

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  • PTV xServer 1.22 – out NOW!

    Our new PTV xServer 1.22 release is available NOW!

    Highlights of the new 1.22 Version:

    PTV xServer: With the upcoming Europe City Map 2016.2 we will introduce a new Feature Layer Truck Waiting times. This first version will include the waiting times at toll booths.…

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  • First service release for PTV xServer available:

    For PTV xMap, PTV xRoute and PTV xDima there is a first service release available. Update now and get the following improvements:

    PTV xMap

    • Bugfix: FeatureLayer pixel coordinates refer to top-left not to buttom-left.
    • Bugfix: FeatureLayer consider the profile language.

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