• Discontinuation notice for PTV Mapserver and PTV xServer add-on Traffic Info Loader (TIL) and Traffic Message Cannel (TMC) Data

    From May 05, 2020, PTV will no longer provide updates or support for the listed traffic messages: 


    • Traffic messages from HERE based on the data format ML3 / WFS used by PTV Mapserver and PTV xServer
    • Traffic Info Loader (TIL) – all versions
    • Traffic message channel (TMC) as a component providing the location codes from HERE

    The reason for this discontinuation notice is that the data providers stopped any data support.…

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  • TIS Updates with new functions and supported countries

    With the TIS 2.8 (online since february 8th, 2016) and TIS 2.8.1 (online since march 15th, 2016) you get new functions regarding Dynamic Traffic Information in the Logistics products. While Traffic Patterns cover the historical situation during the day and the week, Dynamic Traffic Information considers the live road conditions.…

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