• An awesome toy for PTV xTour starters: The new code samples

    Dear customers,

    today I would like to to draw your attention to a rework and extension of our

    Code Sample Browser

    We made a layout change, implementing a navigation menu with the entries sample, code and description at the bottom of the samples’ tabs.…

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  • PTV’s quantum jump – the new PTV xServer Cookbook

    Dear all,

    today, we are proudly announcing the new tutorial for PTV xServer

    PTV xServer Cookbook (direct link or on Developer Zone)

    which should be the entry for any developer. This html manual is divided in following sections:

    • Basic information: General technical documentation, programming topics and miscellaneous.

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  • Next Updated test client available

    Today we updated the PTV xRoute test client on PTV Developer Zone.

    The updated test client demonstrates international toll calculation. The free download is available for customer of PTV xServer. Please visit PTV xServer customer area, log in and go to PTV xServer Test Clients page.…

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  • PTV xServer Web App Demo A-to-B Routing


    PTV xServer Web App Demo: Simple a-to-b Routing



    Press Enter to lookup addresses and route.


    Test this example now!


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  • Updated JSON API

    [Edit: 30.10.2012: Check the post PTV xServer Web App Demo A-to-B Routing – a demonstration of the benefits of JSON with a concrete example]

    We’ve updated the Code Sample Browser with a preview of the PTV xServers 1.16. Therefore the JSON API has slightly been changed.…

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  • The completely new way of discovering PTV xServers

    [Edit: 27.9.2012: Updated JSON API blog article]

    (The following article refers to the Code Sample Browser on the 
    Developer Zone website and was provided by Matthias David, developer 
    Logistics Components Server. Thank you!)



    With the code sample browser, PTV has created a new way of discovering PTV xServers.…

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