• Discover the new features of PTV xServer 1.20.1 in our next webinar!

    You are very welcome to participate in our next webinar where you could be one of the first who experience live the new features of our PTV xServer 1.20.1 release.

    – Why should I join?

    PTV xTerritory Server:

    • You will experience how incompatibilities can be included in the territory planning when it is not recommendable to assign certain locations to specific territories
    • You will get to know the new function that provides a quick way to estimate the route travel times within a territory
    • You will learn about the new activity limits for territory planning

    PTV xMap Server:

    • You will discover the new possibility of displaying Truck Attributes and Traffic Incidents

    PTV xRoute Server:

    • You will see the expansion of the emission calculation which is now also available for the UK and Australia

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  • The symbiosis of PTV xTerritory and PTV xTour Server

    Assuming you have a compact trading area and you like to plan day trips for your vehicles you can benefit of the symbiosis of PTV xTerritory and PTV xTour Server. Use PTV xTerritory Server to plan territories based on customer addresses and optimize the trips with PTV xTour Server.…

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