• PTV xServer 2.16 available

    The new PTV xServer API Version 2.16 is available for download. For the full list of features and improvements you can check the corresponding release notes here.

    Here are some feature highlights of API Version 2.16:

    • General:
      • A first draft of OpenAPI documents describing all JSON and REST operations is available
      • The Bill Of Materials (BOM) for third-party licenses can be downloaded form the PTV xServer
    • xMap:
      • Support for client-side rendering of Feature Layer icons (experimental)
    • xRoute:
      • Support for monetary cost routing including toll costs (experimental)
      • Detailed Toll and EU/US driving time regulations are no longer experimental
    • xTour:
      • Support for new types to specify the vehicle position for a tour in execution (experimental)
      • EU Driving time regulation and working time directive are no longer experimental

    For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the Customer Area at the Developer Zone.…

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  • PTV xServer internet update – Update of PTV xServer to API Version 2.16

    We plan to perform maintenance on January, 20th 2020 that does not require any downtime.
    The following tasks will be completed in the scope of this maintenance.

    PTV World City Map [Here]- production/test/integration – cluster with API version 2:

    • PTV xServer update from version 2.14 to version 2.16
    • This update includes some changes in time out handling:
      We deactivated the computationTimeout (https://bit.ly/2PZE2gG

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