• Updated xRadio Session table

    Have you already checked the updated table concerning planned topics?

    • PTV SmarTour – using PTV xServer in a .Net application
    • PTV xMapMatch Server
    • Geographical PTV xServer – A Special
    • PTV Maps & Content – The production of data for logistic markets
    • PTV AJAX Maps – Advanced JavaScript capabilities
    • PTV Navigation: offroad navigation
    • PTV xServer and Cloud Computing

    Check upcoming sessions

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  • Traffic Info Loader Update

    In order to use the Dynamic Traffic Information the so called Traffic Info Loader (TIL) has to be installed before. Today we updated to TrafficInfoLoader version 1.2.0.

      TIL now returns the state and stateCode, too.
      This does require a change to the database where the traffic informations are stored.

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  • Finished: new PTV xServer Versions

    The following versions are available for download on PTV DevelopersZone :

    • PTV  xMap Server
    • PTV xRoute Server
    • PTV xLocate Server

    Please remember to download the new PTV Client Bundles according to the server versions!…

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  • PTV AJAX Maps 2.7.6

    The new PTV AJAX Maps Version 2.7.6 is now available for download.


    • Make the map compatible with IE 9.
    • Add the ability to draw arrows on lines.

    Further information regarding the new version can be found within the readme-file when visiting Develop & Update PTV AJAX Map Servlet

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  • PTV xTour Server available

    PTV xTour Server  is available for download on PTV DevelopersZone.


    • Extended TourPosition by SECONDSECTION and NEXTTOLASTSECTION.

    Please also download the new PTV xTour Client Bundle!…

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