• PTV xServer Version 2 – OS requirement update for Linux hosts

    We are now working on the upcoming xServer Version 2.23.
    These version is the first containing compiler updates for Windows and Linux.

    On windows Systems, there are no updated requirements, since the xServer2 compiled with VC16 is backwards compatible.…

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  • PTV xServer API version 1 – Technical Note

    We would like to inform you that a problem of the MS Windows Server operating system in interaction with PTV xServer API version 1 was discovered.

    Your PTV xServer installation is affected by this problem if the following points apply to it:

    • PTV xServer API version 1
    • Operating system Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019 with current security patch
    • PTV xTour or PTV xDima with calls that clear the distance matrix before or after usage
    • Storage of distance matrices in a SMB / CIFS directory

    Within this group, installations using either local Windows versions (Windows Server 2019) or Azure Windows versions 5 (Windows Server 2016) and version 6 (Windows Server 2019) with current patch are affected.…

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  • Webinar – PTV xServer internet for cloud developers – last minute registration

    A Technical introduction into PTV xServer internet for cloud developers.


    “Which info would have prevented me from a lot of painful experiences and do-it-again‘s?“ Registration required before July 28th, free of cost

    – What do we offer from a technical perspective?

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  • JAVA – “wind of change” wasn’t just an early 90’s thing

    From the beginning of time PTV included Oracle JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) in xServer. Oracle now changed its license policies and any updates for commercial use are only available with a paid subscription.
    This marks a severe change for PTV especially in the xServer context.…

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  • Network maintenance

    Dear Customer, Dear Partner,

    we would like to inform you that we will perform a maintenance on the network environment. Beginning on Friday, May 12th until Sunday, May 14th. During this period the following systems/services may be temporarily unavailable.…

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  • New roadtype “Unpaved roads” on previous xMap versions

    With the Europe City Map Premium 2016.2H we introduced a new roadtype “Unpaved roads”. Because this roadtype is not known by the old renderer (xMap 1.20.1 and earlier) these roads will be displayed in bright green.

    Workaround to change the colour of these roads

    You need to edit the profile file.…

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