• Set the right Biofuel ratio

    With the aim of sustainability, the EU intends to increase the share of renewable energies in the transport sector, which also includes a minimum share of biofuels. These fuels are produced solely from biomass. To meet the target, a ratio of biofuels has already been introduced in EU countries. …

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  • Welcome to our new PTV xServer blog! 

    In order to provide you with even more tailored and useful information about our development and API products, we have split up the former Dev Blog into two different channels: 

    • This blog will be dedicated to PTV xServer, providing you with general information, code samples, tutorials, new features, updates, and bug fixes.

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  • Zero-day “Spring4Shell”

    Since this week there is a new zero-day vulnerability in the Spring framework. Please note that we are aware of this and currently analyzing how far the PTV xServer is affected.
    We like to share the current state of our analysis with you.

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  • How to handle the Log4j security issue with PTV xServer older than 1.34

    With PTV xServer 1.34 we updated several third party components to recent versions. This also included a major update of Apache Log4j from version 1 (PTV xServer < 1.34) to version 2 (PTV xServer 1.34). As PTV xServer 1 is downward compatible only the latest PTV xServer 1 version gets updates and we recommend to use always the newest one.

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  • How to handle the Apache Log4j zero-day exploit using PTV xServer on-premise

    As the PTV xServer API versions 1.34 and 2.x are affected by the critical vulnerability in the Apache Log4j logging framework we work on updates integrating the security update Log4j 2.15.0. We will announce the new on-premise versions here and recommend to use them as soon as they are available.…

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  • Critical vulnerability in Log4j

    The latest update to this post is available here!

    On Friday 09.12.21 a critical vulnerability (Log4Shell) in the widely used Java library Log4j has been identified. According to the assessment of many authorities, this leads to an extremely critical threat situation, which is why, among others, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Germany has upgraded its existing cyber security warning to warning level red (see Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures and BSI).…

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