PTV xServer 1.34 “Log4j” bugfix release available

The PTV xServer 1.34 is now available fixing the critical vulnerability in the Apache Log4j logging framework. We integrated the security update Log4j 2.15.0.

  • PTV xCluster Server
  • PTV xDima Server
  • PTV xLoad Server
  • PTV xLocate Server
  • PTV xMap Server
  • PTV xMapmatch Server
  • PTV xRoute Server
  • PTV xTerritory Server
  • PTV xTour Server
  • PTV xServer bundle

As the situation is very dynamic, there are further security risks with a lower score in Log4j 2.15.0 found. Log4j 2.16.0 is already available and the next bugfix release of PTV xServer 1.34 is in preparation to integrate it (same for PTV xServer 2.25). Anyway, we recommend to use the just released PTV xServer versions as the security risk with the highest score is fixed with them.

For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the PTV xServer Customer Area: (login and license required)

The cloud solution PTV xServer internet using PTV xServer 1.34 is already patched. Check the Cluster Overview page to get more information about existing PTV xServer internet deployments.