PTV xServer internet update – PTV Europe City Map [TomTom] with API Version 1 – completed

We would like to inform you that we completed the maintenance on the PTV Europe City Map [TomTom] production cluster with API Version 1 today.

The following tasks were completed in the scope of this maintenance:

  • Operating system change from Windows Server to Ubuntu Linux
  • PTV xServer update to version 1.32.
  • Map update from PTV Europe City Map 2021.1T to PTV Europe City Map 2021.2T

With the last update some of the customers had problems after the update.
To offer you a fall back we provide the old production system with windows and old map under the integration URL. e.g.

But we can keep this fallback only for a grace period of one week, so if you need to use the fall back to the old production via integration URL. Please inform us via support.xServer We than will find a solution together with you to migrate to the new production asap.




By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager