Discontinuation notice for PTV xServer 32-bit version

We would like to let you know that PTV Group will be discontinuing PTV xServer 32-bit version as of 1st August 2019.

From this date onwards, we will no longer provide any updates or support for the 32-bit versions of PTV xServer. Please notice that the last updated 32-bit PTV xServer was released as version at 28th of January 2019.

To assist the clients, PTV Group has already provided the following upgrade paths, where clients can login to update to the 64-bit version of:

PTV Group as other software companies were forced to react because of Oracle’s announcement regarding their licensing policy. For recent Java versions Oracle provides only 64-bit binaries. Therefore, PTV strongly recommends updating to the 64-bit version.

In accordance with PTV Group’s product discontinuation policy, we are providing notice of this phase-out so that you have adequate time to replace the solutions via updating to the 64-bit software version which is already available.

PTV Group is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers. Based on the requests given by our clients, we constantly enhance our software and keep integrating new and improved functions and contents. This is, why we strongly advise our customers to partake in our maintenance contract, as it integrates extended functions and ensures their systems always remain up-to-date – a basic prerequisite for their day-to-day operations.

At a glance: Discontinuation notice for PTV xServer 32-bit version 1.24 and 1.26 effective from 1st August 2019 (please notice: no updates available any more, please use 64-bit instead):

PTV xServer Version Operating System
PTV xCluster Server – Windows (x86); Linux (x86)
PTV xDima Server – Windows (x86); Linux (x86)
PTV xLocate Server – Windows (x86); Linux (x86)
PTV xMap Server – Windows (x86); Linux (x86)
PTV xMapmatch Server – Windows (x86); Linux (x86)
PTV xRoute Server – Windows (x86); Linux (x86)
PTV xTour Server – Windows (x86); Linux (x86)

Thank you for your continued support. In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

By Dr. Michael Nutto

Solution Director for PTV xServer. Responsible for the strategy of PTV xServer. I'd like to discuss market trends and requirements with our partners and end customers. Therefore, feel free to contact me about my published blogs.