PTV xServer internet – Renewal of the SSL certificate

We would like to inform you that we will update our SSL certificate in the week of October 8th 2018.

All changes will be happening “behind-the-scenes”, so you shouldn’t need to take action, nor should you encounter problems or interruptions to the service.

Nevertheless, we want to give you the chance to test your applications with the new certificate. Therefore, the PTV Europe City Map (TomTom) test cluster was updated already to the new SSL certificate.

PTV xServer internet uses a SSL certificate issued by T-Systems Trust Center. This certificate is usually supported by the majority of clients, client library or browsers. The certificate is deployed e.g. on; it can be viewed or downloaded through any browser.

In Google Chrome you need to navigate to and to open the Security pane in the development tools (F12):

The certificate chain is as follows:

If your client requires manual configuration to establish the trust chain, you will find the official root and intermediate certificates here:

Please refer to your client documentation for further details how to import and activate those certificates.

By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager