Regional Boundaries

Improve Visibility, Improve Regional knowledge

data-and-content_01For a clear graphical display of a wide variety of geographical, political or economic relationships it is necessary to be able to identify and assign the course of administrative or postal  borders. Particularly for many marketing and display purposes the allocation of your enterprise or asset  data to various administrative or postal  areas is both suitable and necessary, for example when considering local variations in market risks and opportunities or the regional classification of your customer data.

Displaying Solely Boundaries:

  • Enhance visibility and upgrading the optical association with a specific area
  • Creating simple clusters
  • Viewing of mobile and fixed assets in a predefined postal or administrative region
  • Customer segmentation in call center applications
  • Simple verification of client input via postal boundaries
  • Enhancing of the visual allocation of assets

Displaying boundary in combination with additional attributes – added value through thematic mapping

  • Thematic maps for visualization of customer potential or competitor situation in a certain area (capability coloring different by intensity, better visibility via 3d Charts)
  • Quick allocation of logistic hot spots, potential areas, high competitor situations….
  • Viewing Clustering and analysis via Heat Maps
  • Viewing of Additional analysis with additional (own or 3rd party data/ Where are my clients, competitor situated / What is the potential in certain areas for my business)
  • Visualization of simple site planning
  • Displaying transport corridors (e.g., which administrative areas had been crossed)

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By Martina Beck

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