PTV xServer internet Data Manager Beta is available

The new PTV xServer internet Data Manager Beta allows you to illustrate your own location data onto the PTV maps and to find the locations near a given coordinate respectively in the corridor of a given calculated route.

Besides the coordinates of your locations, you can also add some additional data if you want. These can be addresses or some textual information which might be shown in a pushpin popup. Samples for those locations to be imported might be subsidiaries of your company, interesting official spots, locations where you visit your customers and so on.

The PTV xServer internet Data Manager Beta is easily in operation via a standardized web interface. You can simply add new address or coordinate tables using a guided csv import. The UI design is similar to the PTV Map&Guide internet Data Manager, so you can get a detailed description how to import your data at the PTV Map&Guide internet support site.

PTV Data Manager3 Steps to get your Data displayed via PTV xServer internet

  1. Import your Data

Open the PTV xServer internet Data Manager Portal and login with your PTV xServer internet credentials (username and password by using the granted test or productive license) and import your data by creating a new data set. Detailed information about the import process can be found here.

  1. Get your layer id

After the import, you can obtain the layer id through the information sheet of the selected database.

  1. Use the layer id to access your data inside PTV xServer internet requests

Enter the layer id in your request which on the one hand refers to your imported data sets and on the other hand returns the required results as mentioned above. Just use the provided sample on GitHub that demonstrates how to access PTV xServer by using JavaScript. Test your data starting the given sample or download the corresponding source code hereData Manager LabsWe are looking forward to get your feedback concerning the PTV xServer Internet Data Manager Beta on

By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager