Here they come!


The last tests were successful. So we proudly present the new release 1.18 of the PTV xServer on schedule, which are now ready for download at the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone (login is required).

And these are the highlights:

PTV xServer in general

  • Asynchronous requests with jobsjob_runner

  • Detailed callback progress

  • Groovy scripting

PTV xLocate Server

  • Improved geocodingimproved_geocoding

PTV xRoute Server

  • Height informationheight_information

PTV xTour Server

  • Multi-tenant capabilitymulti_tenant

PTV xDima Server

  • New for Linux

  • Multi-tenant capability

PTV xCluster Server

  • New for Windows 64-bit and Linux

  • Multi-CPU and multi-tenant capability

More details have been already blogged:

We are very interested in your impression of these new features and enhancements. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.