PTV Cookbook – craving for more

Dear all,

our PTV team proudly presents a new version of the PTV Cookbook. Following new code samples and documentation are provided to get a deeper look into the PTV xServer world:

Theme Section Description
Sequence Optimization Basic information Getting confident with sequence optimization. Tricks and tips to find an optimum solution. What to do in case of violations etc.?
Map Matching Code Samples Two methods are presented: match GPS tracks – basic and extended version. Check the API to get familiar with the PTV xMapmatch Server
 Clustering Code Samples Two methods are presented: plan and optimize clusters Рbasic and advanced version (using quantities). Check the API to get familiar with the PTV xCluster Server
Truck Attributes Code Samples xMap and xRoute Both code samples illustrate how to use truck attributes in the context of rendering and routing
Hosting PTV xServer Basic Information How to use PTV xServer hosted by Azure. Use the PTV xServer internet Developer Guide and find the official product page.

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Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Manager PTV xServer

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