Routing: Enter authorized passages with delivery vehicles

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following technical note is relevant to enter authorized passages by using the “free for delivery” attribute.


A route-not-found exception might occur due to turns that are by mistake banned for delivery vehicles in our data. To avoid such route-not-found exceptions banned turns with the attributes “free-for-emergency” and “free-for-authorized-vehicles” can be allowed also for a delivery vehicle. Please notice that the following workaround is not relevant for emergency vehicles (in this case it is sufficient to enable the “isEmergency” parameter).


A profile – that opens delivery segments only at waypoints (and avoids that forbidden segments are used in the middle of the route) and avoids route not found exceptions – would have parameter settings as follows:

<Routing majorVersion=”2″ minorVersion=”0″>




<DeliveryVehicles segmentMalus=”2500″/>

<EmergencyVehicles segmentMalus=”2501″ turningBanCost=”50000″/>

<AuthorizedVehicles turningBanCost=”50000″/>



<SegmentBlockingViolations enabled=”true” cost=”50000″/>






<LegalCondition isAuthorized=”true” isDelivery=”true” isEmergency=”true”/>




Please notice that you have two options: You can configure your XML Routing profiles or add the XML code snippets into your requests via UPM (universal profile mechanism) using the current PTV xServer version (>= 1.17).

Additional notes:

If the delivery areas should be open without additional costs the turningBanCost values for authorized and emergency vehicles as well as the segmentMalus for delivery vehicles can be set to “0”. The segmentMalus for emergency vehicles should be left at 2501 except for the real emergency vehicles.

Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our PTV xServer Support team.

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Dr. Michael Nutto


Product Manager PTV xServer

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