Announcement of discontinuation: Versions of PTV Maps 2012 (NAVTEQ, TomTom and AND)

Dear all,

we would like to let you know that PTV AG will be discontinuing the PTV Maps’ versions Maps Contentfrom 2012 on 01/01/2014 provided by NAVTEQ, TomTom and AND. Please notice that new versions are already available. From then onwards, we will no longer provide updates and support for these versions which were released for following products: PTV xServer and PTV Mapserver. Please also notice that this discontinuation includes detailed, extracted and contour maps and the corresponding content such as traffic patterns, truck attributes, POI data, toll updates resp. toll scenarios, ID mapping etc.

Following versions of PTV Maps will be discontinued on 01/01/2014 (N=NAVTEQ; T=TomTom):

  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2012.1N
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2012.2aN (and 2012.2N)
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2012.1T
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2012.2T
  • PTV North America City Map 2012.1
  • PTV South Africa City Map 2012
  • PTV Arabia City Map 2012
  • PTV Australia City Map 2012
  • PTV SouthEast Asia City Map 2012
  • PTV World Map 2012

Why are the maps being phased out?

The PTV Maps are constantly being enhanced. Many new and improved functions or content have been integrated at the request of our customers. In addition, you will have noticed that a maintenance contract on the current versions pays off, as it offers a better data coverage. It also guarantees that you remain up-to-date – a basic prerequisite for day-to-day operations. PTV AG is therefore meeting the growing requirements of its clients. The current maps therefore create the perfect conditions to visualize your business applications.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto


Product Manager PTV xServer

By Dr. Michael Nutto

Solution Director for PTV xServer. Responsible for the strategy of PTV xServer. I'd like to discuss market trends and requirements with our partners and end customers. Therefore, feel free to contact me about my published blogs.