PTV Mapserver Toll Scenario Updates

PTV_Mapserver_80x80Toll scenario updates for PTV Mapserver (5.6 and higher) are available for download. Please visit the customer area on developer zone (login is needed).


Following scenarios are available for

PTV Europe City Map 2013.2T, 2013.2N, 2013.1aN and 2013.1N

  • Czech Republic: New tariff table 2013 MYTOCZ_341_tariff_table_2013_07_01 valid from July 2013.
  • France: Postponement of the start of the Écotaxe to Jan 01, 2014. New parameter file france_regions_ecotaxe.txt with current region dependent pass-on percentages valid from October 2013.
  • Hungary: Valid since September 2013: Current vehicle dependent toll factors, expansion of tollable network to secondary roads.

PTV Europe City Map 2013.1aT and 2013.1T

  •  France: Postponement of the start of the Écotaxe to Jan 01, 2014.

Toll ScenarioToll scenarios contain:

Initial data, former updates and latest toll scenario updates for countries included in the map.


Toll data updates:
No further toll data updates for PTV Mapserver 5.5 (and lower) is available. Please read following blog article concerning announcement of discontinuation.

  • Important: Please be aware that installing the scenarios when using an earlier product version will cause problems! If you need further information or support concerning the update please contact the Support Team.

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