PTV xServer 1.17: A new licence file is recommended

Dear all,

I would like to inform you that a new licence file is recommended with our upcoming PTV xServer release 1.17 (expected for next week) in order to use the latest features.

Type Version Licence Key Licence Value
Traffic Info Loader 3.1.0 traffic.providers TOMTOM or NAVTEQ
PTV xRoute Server  1.17  xroute.featureLayerThemes  *: Wildcard for test users
values: PTV_PreferredRoutes,PTV_TimeZones, PTV_SpeedPatterns
PTV xDima Server 1.17 xdima.highPerformanceRouting true

Traffic Information for PTV xMap and xRoute Server:

PTV provides traffic information from two providers (TomTom and Navteq). Therefore, it is necessary to select the data provider according to the licence agreement.

Feature Layer for PTV xRoute Server:

PTV implemented a new component so called “FeatureLayer” to add easily new data content which influences the route calculation. PTV provides three types of data (preferred routes, speed patterns and time zones) available for the current PTV Australia City Map and PTV North America City Map. For detailed information we advise you to join the next PTV Webinar at 11th of September.

High Performance Routing for PTV xDima Server:

PTV provides the tool “RoutingNetworkGenerator” to generate the relevant data “search graphs” in order to speed up the routing calculation 1,000 times faster and more in comparison to the classic routing algorithm (Dijkstra). Please notice the obligatory hardware requirements: >= 16 GB RAM to process the search graphs.

Please use this contact form to obtain a new license file.

If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto


Product Manager PTV xServer

By Dr. Michael Nutto

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