Are you calculating toll for Austria?

[Edit 11.01.2013: see blogpost ]

Dear customers,

We have detected that in some parts of Austria the calculation of the 2013 toll price is incorrect. This is true for both PTV xServer and PTV Mapserver. You only have to take further steps, if you use the December update and one of the following maps:

  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2012.1N
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2012.1T
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 3/2010t – NQ

In case of toll scenarios please set the relevance of scenario 3 from 95 to 0, so that you use as a workaround the 2012 toll price. Therefore edit in 11 lines starting with “3;43” of the TollScenarios.ini file the value 95 to 0. Alternatively you can contact our support team to get the modified TollScenario.ini file.

In case you use the old binary format toll data please copy the file of the September update in your map directory.

Please note that the calculation of the 2013 toll price of Austria in the December update is estimated on an average increase (see ASFINAG V43). As we received the exact toll data for Austria quite recently, we work intensely on a January toll update including the exact toll calculation (see ASFINAG V44). Together with the January toll update at the end of next week this workaround is needless.

Sorry for the inconveniences which we might have caused.