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Dear all,

A new product is added in PTV’s component product portfolio.

  • PTV xServer .NET (version 1.0)

What is PTV xServer .NET?

PTV xServer .NET is a supplement to the PTV xServer providing an abstraction
and convenience layer for integrating PTV xServer into applications based on
the Microsoft .NET Framework.This also replaces the preview version PTV xServer add-on WPF maps. Please notice that this map control is integrated into PTV xServer .NET. So, we provide an enhancement in comparison of WPF maps as our first final product version 1.0.


  • At least Window 7 or 8 is recommended.
  • At least Microsoft .Net  3.5 is running on your operating system
  • The demos provided require internet access as they make use of PTV xServer running on a PTV test system. Usually you’ll set up your own servers when  developing applications based on PTV xServer / PTV xServer .NET.
  • All third-party libraries used by the SDK and the Demo Center are included
    in the SDK package.

First Steps:

  • For a first glance start our Demo Center that is provided in compiled form.
    The Demo Center requires at least Microsoft .NET 3.5 and internet access to
    run properly.
  • For developing applications using PTV xServer .NET, the source code of the
    Demo Center, provided in the folder .\source, along with our use case
    documentation may be a good source of information.
  • For details on PTV xServer, please refer to the PTV xServer documentation.

Visual Studio Toolbox

  • Toolbox registration is done by the setup of PTV xServer .NET
  • If, for any reason, Toolbox registration must be updated or renewed, please use
    our registration utility provided in the folder .\tools.

Important Notes:

  • Visual Studio versions have to be installed completely and have to be started
    once before running the PTV xServer .NET setup. Otherwise the toolbox installer
    which is integrated in the PTV xServer .Net setup will not work properly.
  • The provided Demo Center solution can only be opened with Visual Studio 2010 or
    higher. All components can nevertheless be used together with Visual Studio 2008.
  • If you start the Demo Center solution, you will be asked to grant elevated
    permissions to Visual Studio. This is the case because the sources are installed
    in the “Program Files” folder. To debug the Demo Center, please grant the permissions.
  • Printing the code samples of the documentation via the provided link currently
    does not work.
  • Currently no credentials can be specified for the xMapServer. Therefore the
    PTV xServer .NET map cannot be used together with PTV xServers deployed in the
    azure environment.
  • Changing the visibility of a map gadget at runtime has no effect on the map display. Currently, you can only change these settings at design time.


PTV xServer .NET is a SDK which adds xServer functionality to .NET client applications. The primary component is the WpfMap control, which allows building interactive map applications with PTV xServers. While the technology of this control is based on Windows Presentation Foundation, the SDK also provides a FormsMap control for easy WinForms integration. The SDK comes with a set of sample use cases which demonstrate the use of the SDK for typical scenarios. Refer to the API documentation for detailed information on classes, methods and parameters. More information about the basic concepts of this SDK can be found in the Concepts chapter.

PTV xServer .NET incorporates PTV xServer running on a PTV test system. As the test system may be used for demo purposes only and as the level of availability of the test system may vary, you’ll usually set up your own services when developing applications based on PTV xServer / PTV xServer .NET. Many different deployment scenarios are valid for PTV xServer when being used through PTV xServer .NET or Microsoft .NET in general. Please refer to the PTV xServer documentation or contact PTV in case there are any questions regarding PTV xServer deployment. PTV xServer .NET was developed on the base of PTV xServer 1.14, but should be able to run with newer version of PTV xServer. PTV xServer .NET uses the following servers:

  • PTV xMap Server
  • PTV xLocate Server (Demo Center)
  • PTV xRoute Server (Demo Center)

Code samples

PTV xServer .NET provides a set of code samples how to us the map control, how to integrate the layer concepts such as shape layer, custom layers, etc. Adding a GeoRss layer or WMS Layer are also demonstrated as examples as calculating a route or visualizing Bing satellite imageries. The API is also included as last chapter of PTV’s xServer .NET manual.

We would like to know your experiences with our new SDK. Please share the benefits or disadvantages with us which you might get. We are going to enhance this product with more convenient interfaces and new layer concepts to get a simply entry in PTV’s component world. Therefore we are waiting for your feedback! Thanks in advance.

By the way, product management wish you merry christmas and a happy new year!

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Management PTV xServer



By Dr. Michael Nutto

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