Do you have the correct copyright?

Dear all,

since the new release PTV xServer 1.14 we integrated the Luxembourg map from TomTom (PTV xServer built with Navteq map was stopped). The reason is quite simple: the service costs didn’t justify any longer to duplicate the PTV xServer and to provide two different maps (NAVTEQ and TomTom) for test purposes. Anyway, it is an example map to play with the PTV xServer. One map is sufficient for this reason due to the same quality. This time we decided to make better known TomTom for PTV xServer users.

But PTV still offers geoservices for both map providers. Therefore you have to take into account the correct copyright for your licensed map (e.g. European City Map Premium 2012.1T). For the current maps PTV xMap Server figures out the map provider and automatically displays the correct copyright. From your side nothing is to do. But using older map versions from TomTom or AND you must copy the copyright into the root folder of your map directory.

Please follow the instructions “Manual for PTV xMap Server copyright” which are available at PTV DevelopersZone (user authenticated, directory: Documents).

Yours sincerely

Michael Nutto
Product Manager Developer Components

By Dr. Michael Nutto

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