Toll update:
PTV xServer 1.12 (or later)

Toll scenarios are available for download for PTV xSever version 1.12 (or later).

Within the “Content” download area we offer toll data updates for PTV xSever version 1.10 (or earlier) and scenarios for version 1.12 (or later). Important: Please be aware that installing the scenarios when using an earlier version will cause problems!

Changes in toll data:

  • Austria: (Jan 2012) tariff increase; EURO emission class “VI, EEV” splitted
  • Belgium: (Jan 2012) new tariff Liefkenhoek Tunnel;
    truck toll on motorways and further main traffic routes (starting January 2013)
  • Czech Republic: (Jan 2012) tariff increase (all classes except emission class EURO-5)
  • Denmark: (Jan 2012) new tariff a/s Storebælt, a/s Øresund
  • Great Britain: (Jan 2012) new tariff Eurotunnel, Humber Bridge, Severn Bridge, Tyne Tunnel, Mersey Tunnels and M6
  • Italy: (Jan 2012) new toll factors
  • Netherlands: (Jan 2012) new tariff Westerschelde Tunnel
  • Norway: (Jan 2012) new toll roads on E6, FV108 and FV519; no toll on Skodje Bridge; new tariffs for several special toll routes
  • Portugal: (Dec 2012) additional toll motorways A22, A23, A24 and A25

For any support concerning the update please visit our PTV xServer Forum or contact the Support Team.

By Martina Beck

Martina Beck has been working for PTV since 2000. As certified computer scientist she was originally responsible for providing customers with technical support and she later moved on to the Product Management division. Since 2011 she has been working for PTV as an online marketing manager in international marketing with an emphasis on social media (et al. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube). The PTV Developer Blog is the PTV Developer Components' lead channel. The posts on important topics and trends originate from close cooperation with developers, the product management and other experts.