Important note concerning
PTV xServer 1.14

PTV’s headquarter decided to harmonise the versioning of PTV xServer. Therefore we won’t deliver PTV xTour Server 2.0 which I have announced in the past. Avoiding misunderstandings the PTV xTour Server Beta 2.0 is the test version of PTV xTour Server 1.14. The reason is that we put together the logistic PTV xServer development with the geographic PTV xServer development.

That means one family, one major version.

Customers which use the predecessor version or earlier PTV xTour Server must be taken into account that incompatible changes are implemented which have a direct impact for their applications. Modifications are necessary in their existing applications in order to use the PTV xTour Server 1.14 due to a renewed object model of vehicles!

Further question? Don’t hesitate to contact our support team or comment on this post. Please note our post dated January 27.

Best regards

Dr. Michael Nutto
Product Manager of PTV Developer Components


We offer two free webinars, presenting the new versions of PTV xTour and PTV xLocate Server. When already registered you will receive the Session IDs several days before the webinars take place. Otherwise just click the following image and register:

By Martina Beck

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