The entire range of electric mobility is now tangible

The new eMobilit├Ątszentrum in Karlsruhe was officially inaugurated by Mayor Margret Mergen at September 20th. It is designed as a permanent exhibition, initially for two years.
A total of 17 partners from industry and research present the latest products and technologies of electric vehicles. On board are providers of electric cars, electric bikes, charging stations, e-technologies and concepts. As a software and consulting company PTV provides insights into cutting-edge solutions. These arise particularly when the economy, transportation and electric vehicles are linked. Read more here (German article)…

By Martina Beck

Martina Beck has been working for PTV since 2000. As certified computer scientist she was originally responsible for providing customers with technical support and she later moved on to the Product Management division. Since 2011 she has been working for PTV as an online marketing manager in international marketing with an emphasis on social media (et al. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube). The PTV Developer Blog is the PTV Developer Components' lead channel. The posts on important topics and trends originate from close cooperation with developers, the product management and other experts.

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